Sunday, 17 August 2014

A for Angola

Jay:  “We were visiting friends who told us about someone they knew who was eating their way through world cuisines alphabetically. On the way home from seeing them we decided to give this a go as well.  So tonight was A, and the cuisine:  Angola.”

Dee:  “In a change to the recipe, I decided to pour the port over the papaya slices, then covered and refrigerated them for a few hours before sprinkling over the lime juice and serving.  It was a pleasant and refreshing starter, and of course very simple to make.  It ticked all the boxes for me.”

Main Course:  Angolan Feijoada
Dee:  “The feijoada was a slow cooked hearty stew which I served up in a bowl rather than on a plate.  I used less of the palm oil than the recipe suggested, partly because of calorie-guilt and partly because there was plenty of oil released from the chorizo (I had to use the Spanish version as that was the only type I could find while I was shopping).  I also used less chillies as the ones I had were on the hot side. The flavour of the chorizo was quite pronounced in the finished dish but as it’s something I’m fond of, I didn’t mind.”

Dee:  “The dessert was extremely sweet but still very enjoyable.  It still looked a bit runny by the end of the specified cooking time, so I ended up thickening it a bit with some cornflour.”

Soundtrack:  Bonga – Angola 72/74
Dee:  “Like the food, the music built on the traditional foundations with Portuguese and Brazilian styles.  Some of the slower songs reminded me of Fado.”

Jay:  “Next week it’s Bhutan.”

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