Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jay and Dee’s Twelve Beers of Christmas 2014, the first four

Dee:  Following our last trip to the beer shop to buy some Christmas beers, we decided that it would be a nice idea to write a review of each one for the blog, with an accompanying photo showing the bottle and the colour of the beer.  That initial idea soon grew into the ‘Twelve Beers of Christmas’ concept. 
We were originally going to post the whole review as one long blog entry, as we did with the Birmingham Beer Fest, but we’ve now decided to post the reviews of each of the beers as we finish them, firstly to avoid long gaps in blogging and secondly, to give anyone who might be inspired to try one or more of the beers as a result of our reviews enough time to do so in time for Christmas. 
So, without further ado, we are pleased to present the first four;  

Ding Dong Mulled Porter
Tasting Notes said:  See-Deep Ruby Red, Smell – Kola Nut, Cinnamon, Ginger, Taste – Rich fruit, spicy, warming
Dee said:  Not as strong or dark as any of the other porters I’ve tried before, and the spicing was also quite subtle, but the taste was not unpleasant and it went down rather quickly.
Jay said:  Not getting a lot of ‘mulled’ but am getting a rather good drink.
Christmas Dark Box
Tasting Notes said:  A dark ale with well balanced bittering.  Spicy and full bodied with a deep fruit aroma.
Dee said:  Initial aroma was of coffee, and the taste reminded me of bitter chocolate but didn’t linger.  Not unpleasant but would seek out other beers before returning to this one.
Jay said:  Getting more of a ‘Christmassy’ taste from this one but I think the difference is that I would only have one of these, wheras I would sit and quaff the Ding Dong beer.

Holly Bush
Tasting Notes (from the JD Wetherspoon real ale site) said:  This seasonal beer is a rich mahogany colour, with an intense aroma of malt and resinous hop notes, leading to a rich flavour, balanced by generous quantities of hops, with spice and citrus hints.
Dee said:  A strong hoppy aroma and taste.  Would happily drink this again at any time of the year.
Jay said:  Yum!

Crazy Christmas
Tasting Notes said:  Dark and full of spices, like Christmas pudding in a glass.  Beautiful accompaniment with with your festive cheese board.
Dee said:  A lovely dark colour and lots of fruit and spice in the aroma contributed to a great first impression.  The spice was carried through into the taste, making this a very seasonal beer.  I enjoyed it.  As the tasting notes said, this would have gone down nicely with some good cheese, but we finished the last of our cheese with the last beer.
Jay said:  This was probably the ‘christmassiest’ beer that we have had so far.

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