Thursday, 11 December 2014

Twelve Beers of Christmas 2014: five, six and seven

4 Elf
Tasting Notes said:  A spiced Winter Warmer brewed with nutmeg, clove, allspice and other holiday flavors.
Dee said:  A rich and spicy aroma gave way to an equally rich, dense taste.  There were hints of espresso coffee and treacle/molasses.  One to enjoy on its own rather than as an accompaniment to food.
Jay said:  Definitely a winter warmer with that ‘knock your socks off’ strength.

Couldn’t find any tasting notes
Dee said:  Not for me this one.  I didn’t mind the maltiness but I found it a bit on the flat side.
Jay said:  Not a lot of Christmas but a nice quaffing beer.

Cuvee de Noel
Tasting Notes said:  This beer has a generous head - compact and firm. Its slightly brown colour is the result of the roasted barley. It has a dark ruby brown colour and a very intense aroma. The aromatic herbs and spices used greatly enhance its delicious smell. This beer is full-bodied with a smoothness that is the result of the synergy of caramelised malts, carefully controlled fermentation and long cold storage. St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël has a very subtle bitterness that is the dominant flavour in this harmonious ale that strikes a perfect balance between all the different ingredients.
Dee said:  An enticing liquorice-like aroma led to a taste which reminded me of a blend of subtle spices and honey.  A powerful hit of strength and sweetness.
Jay said:  Didn’t get Christmas from it, but it was quite celebratory in its taste, alcohol and fizz.

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