Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tasting Jerusalem #3 – Rose Water

Dee – Pistachio and Rose Water: What a great pairing, showcased brilliantly with these delicious little cookies.
We referred to the recipe on page 260, but used margarine for shortening, as we were running low on ghee.  This was listed in the accompanying commentary for the recipe as an acceptable substitute and proved easy to work with, especially in the early stages of the mixing of the dough.
After chilling it for an hour, it still had the same soft, springy texture that it had when we first mixed it, but we pressed on.
The dough was very sticky, so required wet hands to mould it into the required shape, but once the cookies were out of the oven, they had baked nicely without colouring.
They didn’t have the expected melt-in-the-mouth texture and weren’t crunchy.  They turned out to be quite cake-like and although we didn’t have coffee with them, I think they would have gone well together.
The tastes were all well balanced; even the usually powerful rose water which, although the most noticeable taste, didn’t obscure the other ingredients.  They weren’t too sweet either, and I think this allowed us to appreciate the subtler flavour of the pistachio.
I’m sure we will be making these again.  The recipe wasn’t difficult, and I would like to see how they taste with ghee rather than margarine as the shortening ingredient.  I need to try them with some cardamom coffee too.

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