Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tasting Jerusalem - Introduction

Dee – The Tasting Jerusalem project was devised by a team of food bloggers in the United States, who have been working their way through Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s ‘Jerusalem’ book, cooking recipes from it and engaging in discussions about the recipes and cooking styles.
Each month, one ingredient is selected, and recipes chosen which the selected ingredient plays a central role in.
As a long-time fan of Levantine cuisine and more recently Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty’ books, I decided that this would be a great project to get behind, so will be cooking and blogging about each new ingredient as it is revealed.
The project has been running for a while now, with the first post that I can find dating back to January 2013, so I’m joining quite some way down the line.  However, it would be a real shame to miss out on what has gone before, so I’m going to be playing catch-up for a good few months.  What that means in terms of blog updates is that I’ll be putting up one ‘new’ entry and maybe a couple of ‘back capture’ entries each month, depending on all the usual factors.  Then, once I’m in line with everyone else, and if the project is still running of course, I will switch to just ‘new’ entries each month.  If that made no sense, don’t worry, it will be much clearer once I’ve put a few blog entries up.

For anyone reading who might be interested in joining the project, the text below provides all the relevant links;

“Tasting Jerusalem is a virtual cooking community exploring the vibrant flavors and cuisine of the Middle East through the lens of Jerusalem by Ottolenghi and Tamimi published by Ebury Press. You can follow along and cook with us by subscribing to  following the hashtag #TastingJrslm on Twitter and Instagram, liking our Facebook Page or joining our Google+ Community and finally checking out all of our groups’ dishes on Pinterest

(Please note: I have listed the UK publisher and have linked to the UK Amazon site.  The US details are provided on the web site)


  1. Welcome to the group! Never too late to join the conversation and cooking - new voices always welcome! Lots more turmeric info to come and fun topics to come. And we are always looking for new inspiration for ingredients we have already discussed!

    1. Thanks very much for the welcome. I've put a list together of what I have missed and have now started working through it.
      Best Wishes,