Friday, 27 March 2015

From the Archives: The original Twin Peaks evening - 3rd August 2013

For those who enjoyed the write up of the recent Twin Peaks themed evening (click here for details) we are pleased to present the photos from the original event.  

All thanks must go to Jay, who found them again so it's great to be able to share them.  By the looks of it, there's not too much difference from the more recent meal, apart from the sunny balcony setting.  We were living in a rented flat at the time, and it was summer.

Pretty much the same as the more recent menu, but without the bread.  I seem to recall the beer being flavoured with juniper and quite smoky.

Same as last time apart from the beer, which I haven't seen since.

The pastry on the pie looks to have survived better than the more recent version, but the more recent version tasted better.   

The Playlist
I remember the original playlist being a mixture of the Twin Peaks soundtrack and the Julee Cruise album 'Floating into the night'.  I'm pretty sure this was the track listing;

1.  Love theme from Twin Peaks
2.  Falling
3.  Floating
4.  I remember
5.  Rockin' back inside my heart
6.  Questions in a world of blue
7.  Into the night
8.  The nightingale
9.  I float alone
10.  The Swan
11. The world spins
12.  Laura Palmer's Theme
13.  Mysteries of Love
14.  Theme from Twin Peaks
15.  Artificial World

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