Monday, 15 June 2015

BBC Good Food 7-Day Summer Diet Plan - Day Four

Dee – Day four marks the half way point of our diet, and it was marked by the arrival of an email from the organisers.  As well as congratulating everyone who had stuck with the diet thus far, there were tips on exercising, superfoods and mindful eating.  It was Jay who noticed that we were supposed to have restricted our intake of caffeinated drinks which we missed because of concentrating on the food shopping.  However, after a closer read through the article, it turned out that coffee or tea wasn’t the end of the world, so we hadn’t messed up as much as we thought.  I’d been drinking coffee in the morning, with yerba mate during the day, wheras Jay had also been having a coffee with breakfast and another one or two during the day.  This works for us.  We enjoy our morning coffee, and we haven’t felt any ill effects thus far, so I don’t think we’ll be changing that any time soon.

Breakfast: Coconut & Chia Porridge
This morning saw the arrival of strong winds and driving rain, so this porridge, summery as it was, made for a good start to the day.  It needed a little water adding to help it on its way as I reheated it.  The taste was still good, though in future I would probably just make the quantity that would be served, rather than a larger batch for reheating.

Lunch: Summer Pistou
For lunch we enjoyed some more of the summer pistou which we made on day two.  There is still enough of it left to feed us both for another two lunches, so we’ve divided it up and frozen it ready for another day.

Tea: Veggie ‘Meat’balls with Tomato Courgetti
We had two huge courgettes to use for this recipe, so ended up with enough courgetti for two more servings, so the surplus joined the summer pistou in the freezer.  We (well, Jay actually) sliced up the courgettes into strips by hand rather than buying a spiralizer, which made them a little wider than I’d have liked but it wasn’t a huge problem.
I was concerned by how loose the ‘meat’ball mixture was and didn’t think it would bake properly, but I stuck to the recipe and did my best to spoon it into vaguely ball-like shapes before they went into the oven.  Thankfully the mixture baked ok but looked more like patties than balls.  The taste was good.  More delicate in texture than I was expecting, with a good kick from the chilli.

We both enjoyed this meal, though if I made it again I think I would cook the courgette rather than leaving it raw.  

New recipes to try out for lunch and tea tomorrow...

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