Thursday, 18 June 2015

BBC Good Food 7-Day Summer Diet Plan - Day Seven

Dee – The final day of our seven day diet was Tuesday 16th June, and the time between then and now has allowed us time to add in an evaluation of the whole experience.
Today’s menu was comprised of a filling breakfast, a light lunch and the second fish based meal in a week.

Breakfast:  Wholewheat flatbreads with beans and poached egg
I’d been looking forward to trying out this breakfast as it was more savoury in nature than the other two recipes.  It reminded me of a healthier version of baked beans on toast. 
The beans were cooked in a sauce made from passata, onion, dates, paprika and vinegar, and it had a much sharper, richer and tangier taste than the shop bought baked beans.  Medjool dates had eluded us when we got the shopping in, so we used Khouat Alligs instead.  The recipe made enough for four servings, so we froze the unused portions, which we ended up enjoying for breakfast with two more flatbreads the next day.
The absence of salt in the flatbread recipe was slightly disconcerting at first, but I followed the recipe and the taste didn’t seem to suffer for it.  The taste of the sauce was predominant anyway.
Jay declined the offer of a poached egg, but I enjoyed mine.
This was a nice tasty and filling breakfast.  Because of the time needed to assemble it, I would be tempted to make up multiple flatbreads and large batches of beans that could be frozen and defrosted overnight ready for reheating while poaching the egg the next morning.

Lunch:  Peanut butter hummus with fruit and veg sticks
This second and final serving of hummus and crudités turned out to be lighter than breakfast, but kept us going until tea time.  The hummus had kept its flavour, though I wouldn’t have liked to have left it any longer in the fridge.

Tea:  Wild salmon with corn and pepper salsa
We were pleased to have been able to buy some wild salmon for use in our final meal, and it turned out to be excellent quality.  It was a very simple recipe to follow.  A rub for the salmon, which was then pan fried and served with a freshly chopped salad dressed with lime juice.
The pan-frying of the fish gave the skin that lovely crispy quality, and was accompanied by a delicious salsa similar to Pico de Gallo, but with sweetcorn rather than tomatoes.  It was supposed to have had chopped avocado in it but for some reason we didn’t have one, but it didn’t matter as we both loved the version we’d made.  There was more salad than we needed with our teas, and even though we took fairly generous portions of it, there was still some left over.  It was important to eat it up the next day as fresh salads such as this one are at their best as soon as they are made.

Well, that's all of the cooking and eating done.  To round things off, the final entry in this blogging project will be the evaluation.  

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