Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dee reviews Afternoon Tea at the Lost and Found, Birmingham 19th August 2015

The Lost and Found is a cocktail bar and bistro located at the top of Bennetts Hill in Central Birmingham. 
We’d walked past it several times and recently noticed a sign outside advertising that they offered afternoon tea, so decided to pay a visit.

Booking and a £5 deposit is required for each afternoon tea attendee so we booked a date about five days ahead, which they were able to accommodate.

We arrived before our 2pm booking to find the venue still busy with late lunch time customers, including shoppers, work colleagues and families.  Because of the large sized room and its high ceiling the sound of chatter and low music created an atmosphere reminiscent of a big city bar.  We were shown to our table which was located in a raised dining area which had been decorated to resemble a Mediterranean garden terrace.  We initially chose a table for two people but were offered seats at a larger table which seated four, which was much appreciated.

As we waited for our food and drinks we noticed that the food coming out of the kitchen looked quite impressive and made a note to visit again to try out the lunch menu.

We were offered a choice of two teas, so Jay chose Earl Grey while I chose Breakfast.  The tea was in bagged form and was from the Brew Co. based in Warrington in Cheshire.  We were offered a refill, but the large pots that we were provided with were enough to last us for the whole sitting.

The food arrived on a three-tier stand which included sandwiches on the bottom, cakes in the middle and scones on the top.

The sandwiches consisted of two each of Ham, Smoked Salmon, Tomato and Grated Cheese, and Egg Mayonnaise.  A little negotiation followed as we agreed on who would have what, owing to Jay’s dislike of egg, so I relinquished my Cheese and Tomato in exchange for Jay’s Egg Mayo.  All of the sandwiches were on white bread and cut into the familiar finger shapes with the crusts removed.  All were pleasant.  The egg mayo had a hint of chive and onion while the smoked salmon was accompanied by a small amount of cream cheese.  I would have preferred mustard with my ham sandwich, which was unaccompanied.

The cakes on the middle tier were of a very generous size and were where our attention was drawn when the food first arrived.  There were two portions of three different types of cake:  Flapjack, Chocolate Brownie and Ginger Cake.  There was no fine and dainty patisserie creations on offer here.  These were rich and heavy home-made cakes.  That turned out not to be a bad thing, as while the cakes were not the fanciest or most colourful we’ve ever had, they were well made and tasted good. 
The Ginger cake was more sweet than spicy, with only the faintest hint of ginger, but it had a nice slightly moist texture.
My favourite, and Jay’s too, was the Chocolate Brownie.  This was exceptionally rich in taste and had a smooth texture to it which came close to a chocolate truffle.  Small chocolate buttons were added to the mixture and were pleasant to bite down on alongside the smoother brownie mixture.
I saved the flapjack until last as I am a big fan of them.  This afternoon’s was a large slice which had an unexpected crumbly texture which I hadn’t experienced before.  Before writing this review I would have said that I was very fussy about how a flapjack was made, but I was rather taken with this one.  There weren’t too many ingredients used; No jam, no chocolate, no fruit (all unnecessary additions in my view).  Just the mainstays, and it was all the better for it.

The scones sadly didn’t prove as big a hit as the cakes did.  It was a sensible decision to serve one each instead of two each, and there was not too much jam or clotted cream, but they just lacked a bit of flavour, and the taste of the jam became too prevalent.  Texture-wise they were fine.  They didn’t disintegrate as soon as the jam was spread on them, but a pinch of salt in the dough mixture, a glaze and perhaps some fruit would have improved them no end.

The total bill came to £30 for the two of us, which was very reasonable.  We were happy with the standard of service we received, and left happily full though not over-faced.

In conclusion I would describe the offering from the Lost and Found as a good, hearty, unfussy afternoon tea that won’t break the bank.


  1. With the wide range of afternoon teas available now in Birmingham it sounds like they need to up their game a bit! I do love the Lost and Found though, the atmosphere is lovely and the cocktails are great.

    1. It was our first Afternoon Tea in Central Birmingham, so we'd certainly like to try out a few more. We only had a brief look at the cocktail menu but definitely fancy giving that a go too.