Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Getting to know us: A survey of Food Bloggers

Dee:  A survey was set up recently by Loriley Sessions, host of the Food Bloggers Twitter community, to help participants in the regular Thursday evening chats get to know each other a little better.  A number of questions were drawn up and sent to three nominated bloggers.  Each person answering them then nominated two or three others to answer.
We were very pleased when we received a nomination from Katy over at My Rumbling Tum, so below are our responses which we hope will provide a bit more of an insight into our blog.

What was your reason for starting a blog?
Jay: Sharing ideas and keeping a record of what we’ve tried
Dee:  It was originally only going to cover a 26 week project, covering meals from 26 cuisines that we hadn’t tried before; one from each letter of the alphabet, starting with Angola and ending with Zimbabwe.  However, it quickly grew to incorporate restaurant and recipe book reviews, records of visits to food and drink festivals, themed menus and ongoing projects, and there’s plenty more to come yet.

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?
Dee:  Jay and me combined two recipes for baked jacket potatoes.  Mine was for the crispy skin and Jay’s was for the savoury filling.  It’s only simple comfort food, and we don’t make use the recipe all that often but it has a special place in my repertoire.
Jay: my pancakes. Nothing fancy about them, they just make a great breakfast. And they always work out, even the first one.
We also both feel rather proud of our Courtesans au Chocolat, which was an intense but ultimately rewarding foray into the art of patisserie: click here for details

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?
Dee:  My silicon spatula.  It must have saved me from more kitchen disasters that I can remember.
Jay: Our stock pot. I thought Dee was nuts bringing one back from the supermarket once but now I totally get it!

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?
Dee:  I could obtain salt from sea water and I’m hoping that there would be fresh water inland so…Flour to use for making bread, some really good olive oil to dip the bread in and/or to use in the dough, and yoghurt for dessert.  I’d be quite happy with those.
Jay: I’d want to take flour too. I’ve been trying to decide on a spice to take and have been tooing and froing between chip spice, black pepper, smoked paprika or caraway and have (temporarily) settled on the pepper corns. Last one would be sugar.

Who do you take inspiration from?
Jay: Anyone! Have found great food inspiration from twitter, blogs, recipe books, food mags, TV programmes…
Dee:  Same as Jay’s choices;  Chefs, fellow Food Bloggers, Food Writers

What’s your favourite social media platform?
Dee:  Twitter is the platform that first took the blog to a wider audience and the one I use the most, so that would have to count as my favourite.
Jay:  I would have to say twitter too.. Not only has it been a source of advice and inspiration, we have found out about so many events and places to visit through it.

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?
Jay: A mince concoction from uni days.. didn’t realise at the time that mince really needed a sauce and a slow cook.. whoopsie! Or the time we forgot that our tamarind was concentrated and used the full amount..
Dee:  I am the biggest disaster in the kitchen, but as far as cooking disasters are concerned, I once tried making a cherry pie that ended up as a pile of cherries in red liquid with insufficient pastry on top.  What’s more is that it was for a themed menu so I had to photograph it and include it in the write-up.  Oh well.

Favourite spot for coffee?
Jay: In the dining room looking down the garden
Dee:  I agree with Jay.  There’s nothing like a nice cup of coffee in the morning at home.

Favourite food photo you’ve taken?
Jay: This shot of ice cream on the beach is my current favourite
Dee:  I’m a terrible photographer.  Everything is either too dark, spoiled by excessive shadows, or grey, but I’m quite proud of this photograph of some Palestinian Ka’ak bread that I made;

What would you say was your most successful blog post and why?
Jay: I don’t know about the most successful one, but my favourite one has been the fish finger sandwiches: click here for details
Dee:  I think it would have to be the sampling of Ethiopian cuisine which was one of our earliest blog entries: click here for details   It was the first to attract a comment (thanks Lucy) and so was the first indication we received that people were showing an interest in what we were doing.

Our nominations for completing the survey next were; Sheila of There She' Goes and Sam the Food Fan

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