About us

Hello, and welcome to Cook it Eat it Blog it Brum.  This is a blog about the food and drinks scene of Birmingham and the surrounding area.

I am Dee, the author of most of it, and I am assisted by my partner Jay, who is the voice of reason behind it all.

We want this blog to provide a broad range of food and drink related subjects and have so far covered reviews of restaurants and recipe books, visits to food and drink festivals and themed menus.  We also write about the recipes we have tried out and food projects we’ve undertaken.

Initially we were writing about whatever food and drink related topics took our fancy, but after a break at the end of 2016, we relaunched the blog with more of a focus on the local scene.   

We enjoy the blog as a hobby rather than a commercial venture, which means that unless stated otherwise, all meals, books, attendances at supper clubs and other events will have been paid for out of our own money.

We made the decision early on to write our reviews from the point of view of paying customers.  We choose where we eat and drink and don’t target venues which don’t interest us.  We don’t take pleasure in writing negative reviews so there will always be a balance in favour of the positive. 

We have plenty of ideas for future content, which include both large and small scale projects, so we expect the blog to be around for some time yet.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page to find out more about us and our blog.  We hope you enjoy reading through it.

Dee and Jay

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  1. Hi Jay & Dee,

    I'd really love to invite you to a launch party I'm working on for The Button Factory, a hot new all day dining hang out in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Would you be able to email me on ellie@silverballpr.com and I will send over all the details?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.